Why book with us?

Quite simply because we run the most comprehensive holiday service on Lake Como, we live there, we work there, we contract the owner’s properties and have been doing this for over twelve years.

We run extremely secure payment systems and as part of Lake Como Homes, we have proved ourselves year after year, with 10’s of thousands of bookings.

Hand “scooped” villas

You will see many “gelatos” on Lake Como! Italian ice cream is one of life’s treats and they know how to make it special. Quality ingredients, specialist knowledge, care, consideration and preparation. Our villas and properties match this ethos.

We want you to taste that delight and savour it to the very last day of your stay.

Book direct & save money

It goes without saying that booking directly with us, not only gives you first-hand knowledge but guarantees you the best price.  We do not add “Guest Service Fees” like Airbnb and HomeAway. We are happy to tailor your stay and if we don’t have to give a high% of your money to the likes of Booking. we all leave the party with a balloon and we can reinvest in the local area too.

Terms & Conditions: Also please note that booking through any of these other big US sites means you are still booking with us and our owners. These are digital agents only and have no local knowledge and according to all their terms disavow any liability if something is amiss. The high commissions they take are also sent off to the US and tax havens and the local community suffers.

Personalised service

You may be traveling thousands of miles to visit Lake Como. At such a distance and staying for more than one night, it makes sense to have a belt and braces approach to your accommodation.

To do this you need to speak to local experts, the staff who have visited, photographed and audited the villa or apartment. You need open communication, often by phone and this is only possible by calling us on the numbers we provide.

There are many questions you may need answers to and we are here to help. Anonymous sites that simply want your credit card may not be presenting the best options for you and what is written may need more detail.

We believe personal service is the at the center of everything we do!

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