Lake Como has many small towns and villages around the lake, all of which have their own style, ambiance, cultural nuances and hidden places to explore.

The simple map below shows the main towns that people visit. We are building a list of destinations associated with our villa locations, so you may study the locale and get a feeling for the area.

Lake Como Villas Map

They say the best things in life are free and when it comes to the natural beauty of Lake Como, the saying really is true.

Beauty really is all around you with elegant historic villas, colorful Mediterranean gardens, beautiful fashion, delicious food and not forgetting, the luxury cars!

One of the glorious villas (now one of the world’s leading hotels) that you can visit, is the splendid Villa D’Este in Cernobbio, which hosts a vintage car show ‘Concorso d’Eleganza’ within the manicured grounds every year. Get close and personal with around 50 historic cars built between the 20’s – 70’s.

Whether you would like to holiday on a shimmering summer’s day or have come simply to admire the snow-capped Alps, winter sunsets, and local ski resorts, make the most of this opportunity to rent a Villa and experience the magic of Lake Como first-hand.

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