If you have a quality property and wish to rent it out then we may be able to help. Some of the general questions we see are listed below. All owners have access to their own accounts and management system as part of our partnership agreement.

Q: I have been running my own business for some years and am looking for extra marketing, can you help?

A: Yes, but we need to understand the current setup and marketing reach and your villa location and whether it will fit our client base.

Q: If I want my villa to be shown on other sites can you help?

A: Yes, but we still act as the booking agent.

Q. Do you accept online bookings and inquiries via Lake Como Villas?

A: Yes to all methods of communication and payments

Q: If I want my villa to be shown on other sites can you help?

A: Yes, but we still act as the booking agent.

Q: I already have my villa on other websites and wish to have these accounts adopted. Is this possible?

A: Yes, we can take on other web accounts and manage them.

Q: Do you have a high net worth guest list you target?

A: Yes we have a sizable and growing list and regularly mail previous guests searching for new experiences and destinations.

Q: Booking At what times of the year do you accept weekend and short stay bookings?

A: We advise our client that these are available in the shoulder season in the main but some of our holiday homes offer short breaks throughout the year, which encourages more bookings as the industry shows that people travel more but stay less at each location.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Generally speaking we take a modest commission on any booking we make. This is deduced from the payments made to you.

Q: Will you only market my villa out of season whilst I book the peak periods?

A: Unfortunately not. The effort that we expend marketing a property requires that we have the whole available period on our books.

Q: How do make sure we do not have double bookings?

A: We use the latest technology to ensure calendars are synchronized if you use a software package, or you may log in to your own account in our system to see bookings, payments and block out the calendar on our site. 


We prefer to take our own interior, exterior & aerial photographs and use these exclusively. On occasions, we are commissioned to use our professional photographic services for partner properties. Please enquire for more information.